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    • Wervershoof
    • 32 tot 40 uur
    • Tijdelijk
    • Vmbo

    Do you want to quickly get started as a pollinator in the greenhouse? No experience is necessary, you can learn the trade here!

    Over het werk

    As a pollinator, you pollinate the flowers of the plants with a brush. This work must be done very carefully, otherwise tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers will not grow on the plants. You do not need to have any experience, the work will be taught to you by experienced colleagues. Being able to work accurately is particularly important in both positions. You can work for four or five days a week at least until mid-September. Of course, we will also help you with another fun challenge after September. If the work goes well you could just come back next season!

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    Wat wij bieden

    • Travel allowance if you live further than 10 km from Wervershoof
    • Nice seasonal work until mid-September
    • A nice hourly wage of € 13.68
    • You gain experience in horticulture and can probably return the next season
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    Wat wij vragen

    • You work precisely and accurately
    • You are available at least 4 days a week until mid-September.
    • You can come to Wervershoof independently
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    Over het bedrijf

    It is a GSPP certified greenhouse horticulture company that is fully specialized in the production of hybrid seeds of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Our company is located in the North Holland village of Wervershoof. With our specialized team of employees, years of experience and well-equipped production facilities, we produce several hundred kilos of pure-bred and healthy hybrid seeds every year

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    Deze vacature is gesloten. Vind direct een nieuwe vacature: