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    Logistic Employee

    • € 1800 - 2300
    • Enkhuizen
    • 38 uur
    • Detacheren
    • Mbo

    Are you a real go-getter and are you looking for a logistics job? Then this is for you!

    Over het werk

    In this logistic function you are going to load the coffins in to the trucks. First you are going to lift the coffin on a elektrical elevetor (with a lift help). When the coffin is near into the truck, you give it a little push, so it goes fully of the elektrical elevator. 

    Your workdays are from Monday till Friday from 07:00 till 15:30. You will get a 37.5 hours work week. You don't mind if you have to work a hour overtime.

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    Wat wij bieden

    • A chance of takeover by the company
    • A work week of 37.5 hours
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    Wat wij vragen

    • 37.5 hours a week available 
    • Flexibel, you don't mind it to work a hour overtime
    • No physical complaints
    • A sense of responsibility
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    Over het bedrijf

    This employer is a producer en supplier of funeral caskets. De company is placed in Enkhuizen and has 84 years of experience in the field of producing and assamble of funeral caskets. The assortment is very extensive, from simple standard boxes to very luxurious models. In order to meet personal wishes, they regularly make tailor-made products. With the advent of advanced computer-controlled machines, the production process has changed considerably in recent years. However, the employees make the difference. They ensure that high-quality products are produced on a daily basis. 

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    Deze vacature is gesloten. Vind direct een nieuwe vacature: