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    • 3 tot 16 uur
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    Do you know about hard work and are you motivated? Are you looking for an on-call job? Get started as a dishwasher!

    Over het werk

    We are looking for someone who would like to work in a kitchen. You will end up in a professional team that also likes a fun team! You may have to prepare the items that the cooks use and if you do your best you may be allowed to go to the kitchen to prepare food or serve lunch to the guests. Would you like to help the cooks and other colleagues in the kitchen and clean and tidy up the pots and pans so that you can have a fresh start the next day? Do you also enjoy working during the day on weekdays so that you are free in the evenings and weekends? Then this is the job for you!

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    Wat wij bieden

    • A catering job where you are free during the holidays and weekends
    • Possibility to gain experience in the catering industry
    • Career opportunities to the kitchen or catering
    • It is a job on call, so you have no fixed hours per week
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    Wat wij vragen

    • You know what hard working is.
    • You speak fluently English or Dutch
    • You don’t need experience as a dishwasher, just the motivation!
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    Over het bedrijf

    Come work at this international company and surprise the many employees at this permanent location every day with delicious fresh sandwiches, snacks and your hospitality. The company where you will be working specializes in catering on location. The location of this restaurant is very unique, it is the heart of space travel! Many different nationalities come here for lunch. No day is the same!

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    De locatie

    Contactpersoon voor dit werk

    Maud Vintges

    Op jouw manier

    Bij Luba sta jij centraal en vind je werk op jouw manier.

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    • € 793
    • Noordwijk
    • 3 tot 16 uur
    • Tijdelijk
    • Vmbo