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    Operator trainee

    • Blokker
    • 32 tot 40 uur
    • Leerwerktraject
    • Vmbo

    Do you want to learn how to be an operator? This great company in Blokker offers you the chance to develop your skills!

    Over het werk

    A technical job with a training at a great company where everyone knows and values each other, who wouldn't want that? Within this great company there is plenty to learn and discover professionally. There are more than enough different departments that all have their own conditions and challenges. So you can keep learning and develop yourself into a real operator! The only thing we ask of you is if you like engineering, have you already done something in this? Absolutely great! Never really got the chance? No problem, together we will ensure that you have fun at work!

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    Wat wij bieden

    • A job that is challenging: every day is different and the work is very diverse
    • Earn money while learning on the job. You also get paid for the training day
    • After about a year and with good performance you will receive a contract with the training company!
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    Wat wij vragen

    • You have a technical backround or like to work on motors or bikes.
    • You master the Dutch or English language.
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    Over het bedrijf

    Your new employer is a company that serves supermarkets and wholesalers with a wide range of chicken products. They also produce delicious wok dishes, steam meals and meal salads. In Europe they are one of the biggest players in the market. The company you will be working for is a poultry slaughtering, processing and packaging plant. They supply these fresh pieces of chicken largely to supermarkets. Everything slaughtered and processed today is in the supermarket the very next day.

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