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    Production employee

    • € 1759 - 2089
    • Blokker
    • 40 uur
    • Uitzicht op vast
    • Mbo

    Do you want to see the chicken products you worked on in the supermarket tomorrow? Come and work as a production employee at this great company!

    Over het werk

    As a production employee at this company, you are an important link in the process to fresh chicken in the supermarket. You will receive good guidance here to get to know the profession and the company. In the first week you will be assigned a buddy who will guide you. On your first day you will watch an instruction video and you´ll get a tour. In the first week the company also provides a delicious lunch or dinner.

    Before the chicken pieces can be transported, they will go through a whole process, you will help in this process. You can be deployed in different departments. There is a cold and a warm department, but most of the tasks will be in the cold department. There are some physically lighter tasks and heavier tasks. Usually you will be given a different task after each break so that your body does not become overloaded. The physically somewhat lighter work you have to do is, for example, preparing the completely cleaned chickens for sale, you tie the legs together with a string. Or you ensure that the chicken fillets are neatly placed in the containers, filling the containers with the chicken pieces or packaging these chicken pieces. The somewhat heavier work will, for example, be the removal of the chicken leftovers or the filling and stacking of the crates.

    You will be working with food, so there are very strict hygiene requirements and work procedures that you will have to adhere to. This will ensure that the quality of all products is at the top level.

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    Wat wij bieden

    • A varied job
    • Travel allowance from 15km
    • Shift allowance 12.5% and ADV 6.3% allowance
    • Good guidance and growth opportunities
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    Wat wij vragen

    • Physically in good shape
    • Experience with HACCP is a plus
    • Flexibility
    • You want to work in two shifts: one week you work from 07:30 till 16:30 and the other week you work from 16:30 till 00:30 (with sometimes a chance of overrun)
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    Over het bedrijf

    The company where you will be working is a poultry slaughterhouse, processing and packaging factory. About 1 million chickens are slaughtered and processed every week. These fresh pieces of chicken are largely supplied to supermarkets. Everything that has been slaughtered and processed today will be in the supermarket the next day.

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