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    Production employee preparation

    A fulltime position for a long time in Sassenheim. You make measuring equipment for trucks that transport corona vaccines and flower bulbs.

    Over het werk

    You will be working as a production employee. We are happy to explain what this means to you! And to be able to do this properly, we first give you some more information about the product that is made at your new employer. Your new employer is an expert in making measuring equipment for transport. The company makes small devices that are mounted in a truck and measure different things For example: the temperature, GPS data and humidity. Every day, trucks transport products such as strawberries, flower bulbs, but also corona vaccines from A to B. You can imagine that these products must be transported under the right circumstances (f.e. temperature and humidity). The devices that are made at your new workplace keep an eye on this. How handy!

    As a production employee, you help to make these devices. To arrive at a final product, the device goes through various stations. You can therefore be deployed at the stations Programming, Stickering and Packing.

    At the Programming station, you make sure that the desired configuration is loaded on the device. You use a computer for this which you can handle well. At the next station, you stick a label on the device. This makes it clear to which customer the device should be sent. At the last station, the devices are packed and prepared for shipment.

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    Wat wij bieden

    • A nice position where you can work for a long time if you function well!
    • You work from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
    • An internationally oriented company, this is reflected in the colleagues you work with
    • Regular fun outings with the company
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    Wat wij vragen

    • You speak fluent English as this is the company language
    • You are handy with computers and you understand Excel
    • You are a go-getter and can work independently
    • In addition, you have no problem with repetitive work
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    Over het bedrijf

    We have already told you a few things about your new workplace. You now know which product your new employer makes and how it is made. But what you don't know yet is how nice the company is to work for. Colleagues indicate that it is a pleasant environment, fun outings are regularly organized and your manager always has a listening ear. If you want to develop yourself, they will look internally at what options there are and how you can be helped with this. A lot is also invested in new employees by providing training.

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