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    Production worker

    • € 2375 - 2483
    • Zaandam
    • 40 uur
    • Uitzicht op vast
    • Vmbo

    Cool job at one of the nicest production companies in Zaandam!

    Over het werk

    You will be working on machines at a major plastic packaging manufacturer. In your induction period you will first stand at one machine, once you are inducted you can easily handle several machines simultaneously. The machine makes all plastic trays. These come at the end of the line. Here you stack the trays and check the quality. Are there no dents or cracks in them? Good, then you can pack them up! If there are any irregularities in the trays, you tell them about it; perhaps the machine needs to be adjusted. You pack the trays in a cardboard box and make sure they are put on a pallet. When you take a break you communicate this with your colleagues, they can then keep an eye on your machine.

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    Wat wij bieden

    • A job with permanence. At matual satisfaction you can get a contract at the company
    • A job with growth oppertunities to operator or forklift driver
    • Shift compensation of 115% or 120%
    • A fulltime job in 2/3 shifts
    • Vieuw on a permanent job
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    Wat wij vragen

    • You can take responsibility well, you will be in charge of your own machine
    • You can stand workind in the hot environment 
    • You can stand working in the environment where it is noisy
    • You can express yourself in English language (or Dutch if you can speak this language)
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    Over het bedrijf

    Your future organisation where you going to work has been designing and producing plastic packaging for various industries at home and abroad for decades, specializing in packaging for food and personal care products. They stand for the highest quality achievable, which has made this customer a highly valued supplier of plastic packaging for numerous companies, large and small, for many years.

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